Tofu with Chef DAISUKE Nomura

3 hours

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One of the most popular ingredients in traditional vegetarian Buddhist-style shojin ryori cuisine, tofu is appreciated in Japan as a protein source and for its delicate "barely there" soy flavor that defines the revered Japanese aesthetic of transience and imperfection known as wabi sabi. 

Students will start by learning how to make yuba, a silky homemade tofu of soy milk, and progress to a delicious classic dish of grilled eel-like dish of tofu and nori (seaweed) using a shojin cooking technique called modoki. You'll be taken deep into the world of shojin with a variety of dishes to showcase the repertoire of tofu's fascinating textures. 

After taking this class, students will be able to recreate their favorite freshly-made yuba and tofu at home. 

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