Shinichi Yoshida - Chef Instructor

Chef Yoshida specializes in hand-making delicious soba (naturally gluten-free buckwheat) noodles with traditional utensils and excels at Japanese fine cuisine. Until 2012, he was head chef at one of Tokyo’s top soba restaurants beloved by celebrities, Ichibancho-Yoshida. He delights in sharing his expertise with young chefs to help develop the next generation of Japanese culinary stars.



Yoko Goto – Instructor

Yoko is Tokyo Cook’s very own in-house cooking instructor, wine sommelier and expert on Japanese fresh food markets and seasonal produce. Certified as a specialist "food coordinator", a revered Japanese culinary qualification, Yoko trained at Japan’s Yanagihara School of Traditional Japanese Cuisine in a food art form known as “kinsa-ryu”.



Daisuke Nomura – Chef Instructor

Chef Nomura is internationally known for his award-winning multi-dish kaiseki vegetarian cuisine. His Tokyo restaurant Shojin Sougo features innovations in the traditional Buddhist-style vegetarian cuisine shojin ryori. He enjoys international food events and cultural exchange programs, including EXPO Milano, Worlds of Flavor and the Culinary Institute of America.



Hitoshi Arai – Chef Instructor

Chef Arai is executive chef/owner of Tempura Tenko, a Tokyo restaurant known for its excellent feather-light tempura inside a former geisha house in the historic Kagurazaka district. Hitoshi is dedicated to promoting Tokyo's edomae-style food around the world and is often asked to serve his special tempura at Japanese state dinners and banquets for overseas guests.



Yoshi Tezuka – Chef instructor

Chef Tezuka is a fourth generation sushi chef whose family has owned and operated restaurant Matsunozushi in Tokyo since 1911. He enjoys traveling overseas to offer personal catering services and has a wide global customer fan base. He enjoys taking part in internationally-focused events, including Slow Food Festival 2016 and Japan’s respected Keio University foreign students program.



Kazumi Masuda – Founder, CEO

After a successful career in financial management and business development, Kazumi turned her expertise in 2014 to the launch of Tokyo Cook. Kazumi is a big believer in food’s power to unite cooks (and eaters!) from different countries around a table to learn about history, geography, culture and one another. She speaks excellent English and is full of useful information and tips to help food-loving overseas visitors on their trips to Japan.