Popular Shojin Ryori

2.5 hrs

10,800 yen/person



Shojin ryori (精進料理), the art of Japanese vegetarian cuisine, came to Japan from China along with Buddhism and has developed into a cooking style unique in Asia. The term “shojin” refers to asceticism in pursuit of enlightenment, and “ryori” means “cooking”. Over the centuries, this Buddhist philosophy-based cuisine has evolved into a great culinary art revered around the world by chefs and sophisticated food lovers.

Learn how to make three popular shojin ryori kobachi classics --  (小鉢): goma-ae (胡麻和えsweet soy-sauce flavored sesame based dish), shira-ae (白和えa delicate umami tofu-based dish) and sumiso-ae (酢味噌和えmiso and vinegar based dish) – as well as basic shojin ryori cooking methods, philosophy and history.

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