Tokyo Cook LLC is a culinary arts school specializing in intensive hands-on Japanese cooking classes taught by professional chefs and other experts from Japan’s dynamic food industry.

After a compulsory 1-week training in essential techniques, course participants move to a working restaurant kitchen to become part of a real team supervised by its owner-chef.

Our intensive "live" courses are designed for professional or amateur chefs looking to build advanced skills quickly. They are ideal for English-speakers aspiring to run or work in a Japanese restaurant. 

With each changing season, we offer three 2-3 week intensive courses in Japan’s world-famous core cuisines e.g. sushi, tempura, Buddhist-style vegetarian shojin ryori and refined small-dish kaiseki.

Every live restaurant experience will be different. What's certain - whichever cuisine you choose - is immersion in all aspects of a committed chef’s daily routine.

As a student, you'll plan lunch and dinner menus, go shopping at local food markets, prepare ingredients at your workstation, customize recipes for diners and constantly adapt dishes to Japan's remarkable range of fresh regional and seasonal produce. 

For details of our essential 1-week Basic Japanese Cooking Skills class at our Tokyo school see below.

Our Upcoming Courses

Learning in a Live Kitchen

Sushi Course
with Chef Tezuka

2 weeks, 6 hours/day

Shojin Ryori Course
with Chef Nomura

3 weeks, 6 hours/day



Tempura Course
with Chef Arai

2 weeks, 6 hours/day



Introduction to Japanese cooking in Tokyo

3 days – Take alone or combine with our "Nature to Table" course on Ama-cho Island 



5 Days Basic Japanese Cooking

5 days, 5 hrs/day, 9:30pm-2:30pm



Nature to Table on Ama-cho Island

17 days + 3 optional days in Tokyo

July 28 - Aug 16, 2017

* This course may be combined with our optional 3-day 'Introduction to Japanese Food in Tokyo'