Sushi with Chef YOSHI Tezuka

3 hour / 6 hour class

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During a multi-course meal at the end of the class, Chef Tezuka will give a history of sushi along with details about how obsessive focus on high quality at every stage of the supply chain turns simple ingredients into an edible work of art.

As an optional extra, students can take a 6-hour tour of Tokyo's world-famous Tsukiji fish market. Chef Tezuka will take you to meet the vendors he knows and trusts and who supply his restaurant with fresh seafood daily. At the market, pick out your own fish to make sushi. You'll learn how fish tastes different depending on where and how it's caught and then aged. Go with an appetite as Chef Tezuka gives you lots of samples to taste for yourself.

This 6-hour class builds on our 3-hour sushi class with more detail on how to prepare fish.

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The Tokyo-style of sushi called nigirisushi is an art form in the hands of Chef Tezuka, the fourth generation chef at restaurant Matsunozushi. In this 3-hour class, students will start by learning how to prepare perfect sushi rice, how to prepare fish and then assemble nigirizushi. In sushi making, knife skills are very important since cutting methods are what determine different tastes and textures. Chef Tezuka will share some of his most popular cutting methods.